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Horse racing has also been one of the popular sports for centuries, and it is still very popular among sports enthusiasts. The UK is much known for its fantastic horse racing tracks. There are 60 registered flat racing courses in the UK, and each of them has different specialities. Due to the availability of so many racing courses, it can be challenging to choose the best one to go and get the best horse racing experience. In this article, you will get to know about the best horse race tracks in the UK. So if this sounds interesting, then keep reading this article.   1- Cheltenham Cheltenham is one of the most famous racecourses in the UK, and it is owned by Jockey Club Racecourses. The seating size of this racecourse is huge and can easily hold 67,500 spectators. Cheltenham racecourse is located at Prestbury Park, which is near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Every racecourse has some benefits and here are some of the benefits of Cheltenham racecourse. The members of Cheltenham racecourse get complementary entry presented by the Magners preview ending. Except for the festival presented by Magners, the members get parking for the whole season. If you take exclusive membership, […]

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Going on a day out – whether with the kids or not – is so exciting. Planning the trip and feeling like you have something to look forward to? That’s a priceless feeling. One of the best family days out that you can imagine is always going to be at any one of the best aquariums in England. We’ve reeled you in now, so it’s time for you to discover the answers for when you search for “best aquariums near me”.   From the most fabulous fish in the deep to the super-scary sharks, you’ll fill your day with tons of interesting facts as you watch the fish move in their tanks. With thousands of marine species at your fingertips, you can have the chance for a day out together while you learn something new. It’s o-fish-ally one of the best options for a day out with the whole family – and the weather won’t even factor into your day! Dive into this list of the best aquariums UK has to offer you, and you’ll have a day out to remember.   SEA LIFE Brighton, East Sussex   Did you know that the world’s oldest aquarium is in Brighton, East […]

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  Hoseasons Resorts are some of the best in the UK. They provide a wide range of destinations with unique, breath-taking features that attract both tourists and residents. There are so many Hoseasons resorts to go and so many fun things to do. In this article, we want to share some of our favourite Hoseasons destinations with you, and we hope you’ll enjoy visiting them.   1. Best Park for Indoor Pool   There are many parks with indoor pools, but we’ll only talk about our favourites. They are:   Waveney River Centre   It is located in Burgh St Peter, Beccles, and is a part of the Evermore Lodge Holiday Collections. This multiple award-winning park has a magnificent riverside setting and a private marina. It is set far away from the chaos and busyness of daily living and offers a haven for tranquillity and serenity.   This river centre boast of fantastic, modern facilities and provides a vantage location for exploring the ever-popular Broads National Park. Rivers, marshes, and calm expanses of water make up the park, and this wonder of nature can be easily accessed from the river centre. The perks of this river centre include Wi-Fi access, […]

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Quite a number of the best castles of the world can be found in England. The country boasts of several incredible castles too fantastic to be overlooked. Since there are many castles in England, it can be quite challenging to pinpoint which ones to visit. This is why we have compiled a list of our top English castles, dotted all over the country. It is always so impressive to come across castles that have withstood the test of time. Some have lasted several centuries, and millennia even.   Here Is Our List Of The Top England Castles To Visit In 2019:   1. Tintagel Castle, Cornwall   From the 5th century, this castle was an important stronghold and royal residence. It was built partly on a jagged headland projecting into the Cornish Sea and partly on the mainland. Its close association with King Arthur makes it one of the most famous British castles. It is also one of the incredible historic sites in England.   2. Dover Castle, Kent   It has been described as the “Key of England” because of its defensive significance throughout England’s history. Dover Castle is the largest castle in England and was built by King […]

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Looking for the perfect family adventure? Or are you simply a lover of nature and animals, or a tourist who’s looking for fun places to visit in the UK? Zoos are your best bet. Not only would they provide an educational experience for your kids, but they are also fun places to visit.   There are many zoos in the UK. It could be an arduous task trying to determine which the best zoo to visit is. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top ten best zoos in the UK, with a bonus. Each zoo we have selected has its unique feature and is known for providing excellent value for money. Although they vary in size and location, each one is perfect for a fantastic family outing experience.   1. London Zoo     It was established in 1828, making it the oldest scientific zoo in the world. It was formerly intended as a hub for scientific studies until it was opened up to the public in 1847. This UK zoo is situated in Regent’s Park. Thus, it is also called Regent’s Park Zoo.   London zoo is one of the zoos in England with the largest collection […]

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  London is one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in the world. With its rich culture and history, it is a beautiful mix of picturesque green parks, striking architecture, and cultural wonders. Some of London’s notable landmarks include The Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, to mention but a few. Regardless of what you are interested in, there is something in London that would grab your attention. Perhaps, this is what makes England’s capital city, one of the most remarkable cities in the world.   Paying a visit to London is quite an exciting experience. To maximise this experience beyond organised tours, you should ensure that your hotel offers a stunning view of the city. We have compiled a list of some hotels that provide a fantastic London view. They include:   1. Shangri-La Hotel, London Image Source   If you are looking for a hotel with the best view of London, then look no further. The spectacular views at the Shangri-La hotel can be attributed to its location. The hotel is situated within the tallest building in London, the remarkable Shard skyscraper, which stands at 306 metres tall. It is located between the […]

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Work can be fun and exciting but also tiring. Taking a break is what most people need at times, and most workers decide to do this individually. But to instigate team building among workers, it is an excellent idea if the whole team could have a corporate away day in another town or city. Finding the right city or town as well as the event that everyone will like is quite a difficult task. That’s where South East Coaches can be of help to you. We provide advisory services and give exciting corporate away day ideas. We work with the mental ideas you have and help you develop the best team building activities.   Essex, in particular, is an excellent county to go for a corporate day out. With proximity to Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, South East Coaches’ team building activities are trendy in Essex. We have a large number of venues that can permit any team building activity in Essex. Why have a Corporate Day out in Essex? Essex is in the south-east of England. The county has numerous venues that can accommodate any team building activities. Many of such include Chelmsford, Southend, Braintree, and Colchester. They are very conducive […]

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Travelling is one of the fantastic hobbies that many people in the world fancy or are enthusiastic about. Travelling is fun. You should make it more interesting by having a plan of all that your journey will entail. Whether you are going on a holiday trip, family vacation or an adventure with your colleagues or friends, you have to make the journey as enjoyable as possible.   Besides getting an opportunity to interact with new people as well as see new places, travelling also offers you a chance to read the best books ever written. When you are always busy or your days are filled with demanding and exciting activities, you will find it hard to read. Many people find it easy to read when they are bored at home or stuck at the airport. At times, it is wise to find great travel books and enjoy your journey.   Travelling is a great adventure to undertake, and you should make it as interesting as you can. There is no better way of doing so than packing the best books at your disposal. If you have great fun reading books especially when you are travelling, you have to keep in […]

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Theatre Coach Trips in Essex There are many cities that you can visit in the United Kingdom. Travelling to a foreign nation is not an easy undertaking and in the correct of ways – you have to research widely about the place you intend to visit. And if you live in the UK and planning to visit one of the neighbouring cities, you have to know all that goes on in the city of your dreams. Essex is one of the amazing counties that surround London in England. It also covers the eastern region of the ancient Kingdom of Essex and thus it is a great tourist attraction. The county stands out above other counties in the country when it comes to entertainment. You can enjoy its diverse set of theatre offerings, alongside incomparable means of transport to the theatre halls and performances as well as best accommodation. In essence, there is a lot in the region you should be prepared to enjoy. Guide to Theatres in Essex If you are looking to book theatre coach trips UK, then you have plenty in the offering. You have plenty of options at your disposal, and you have to figure out what […]

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Recently, the travel industry has experienced massive growth with the number of people travelling to different places in the world. Whether for leisure, business, learning or any other purpose, travelling can be fun and enjoyable for anyone. Besides, you meet new people, experience different cultures, and create exciting moments to share with your friends on social media.   The year 2019 will be even greater for travellers all over the world due to:     Globalization – People have access to every city and village around the world. Affordability – Enhanced and affordable travel services including cheaper air tickets. Technology – Enabling access of information and services such as trip booking and hotel reservation. More value for leisure and entertainment – The more people travelling together, the better the experience. However, despite being fun and inevitable, travelling contributes to an array of environmental problems. These issues range from emission of greenhouse gases, global warming, and degradation to other health problems. While it may be impractical to avoid travelling, it is critical to balance between enjoying and caring for the environment. Consequently, some companies in the sector have already taken the initiative to provide green travel services. They focus on assisting […]