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If you are curious London is an amazing place. Are you in the most beautiful city in the world and thinking of things to do in London? I would suggest you once visit the Hyde park, set right in the heart of the London. the park not only offers a world class events and concerts but also ample of quite places. When in London visiting Tower Bridge must be on priority, as it is one of the greatest architectural structure. Not visiting the British museum when on trip to London is surely a loss. British museum is of the handful museums, with a collection of around 8 million objects preserving human history. The museum is a treasure trove for the one interested in the history of mankind. If you worship food, London is the best place. Just on the edge of the Convent Garden, is the Lowlander Grand Café is a gem amongst the fine drinking and dine establishments. Dedicated to the modern-day obsession with food dinner by Heston Blumenthal, gives you the best dinner experience. Nightlife in London is something that you want to live once. London has one of the most vibrant nightlife experience. London is undoubtedly one […]

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You need a lot of nuggets of wisdom when planning to travel to a dream destination. It is not easy to plan to travel whether it is your favourite local destination of choice or abroad. It is a daunting process that requires a lot of consultation, meticulous research, and extensive planning.  There is much joy and peace of mind that comes with figuring out how to go travelling to a dream place.   You not only have to figure out where you are going to spend your vacation but also have a reliable budget. In essence, you have to visit a dream destination without any stress or misgivings. If you are a spendthrift traveller, you have to be cautious in your undertakings. In fact, you have to come up with the best way to save money while travelling.     There are travel tips and tricks that can guide you as you plan your expedition. And if you are ready to make 2019 a year of adventure and memorable, here are 25 money-saving travel tips and tricks to guide you in your endeavours;   1. Choose the right destination   You have to be cautious when figuring out the best place to visit during a […]

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London is popularized as the place where tourists seeking for enlightenment and fun go. Even so, you may be lost completely if you do not know how and where to go while in the city. This article gets into these details.   Before you decide to go on a London trip, you must be aware of the city’s history. Here are the highlights   The city was established by the Romans. It was then known as Londinium. The location of the city was strategic for transport and trade. The city was subject to invasions. It would, however, be rebuilt by the Romans over the years. The Romans built expensive and unique infrastructure, some of which have been preserved and modified over the years. Today, the city of London of vibrant, peaceful, and welcoming to visitors from all walks of life.   Image Source   While in London, you can take day trips to:   1. Warner Bros Studio This is one of the places where few, if any, visitor regrets going to. It is, indeed, an amazing feeling to visit a place where you are immersed into a world of mystery, creativity, and hope. You can finally understand how films […]

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Are you thinking of travelling with a group of people? Private coach hire is what you must opt for. Hiring a private coach has its own convenience when traveling, you can choose what you want & decide on your comfort amenities to carry with yourself. Private coach hire can simply make your life easy, whether you want to travel in the city or across countries for a wedding, business events or just want to take your class of students for a zoo visit.   Let it be 10 or 50 people when you are travelling in groups there is lack of coordination and divided transportation proves to be a trouble maker, making a fun trip a frustrating one. And when travelling with the group keeping them entertained is a whole new battle hence carrying a music system or WIFI could be a great option and keep the guests entertained.   If you need help with hiring the best coach for your requirements, feel free to ring us up. Southeast Coaches is a provider of coach hires and coach trips from Essex that offers a wide range of coaches for specific events. Apart from private coach hire, we also offer corporate coach, […]

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When the journey is long, we tend to make it easy and relaxing rather than complicated and tiresome. We also look out for safer and cheaper options for the journeys (if at all we are not the richest persons on the line). And when it comes to travelling to airport or from the airport, nothing can really beat the airport transfers in London, UK.   There is not one reason why you should trust the services for an easy pick and drop facility from your place of stay to the airport and vice versa, there are loads of them! Some people may use the private or public transports as other transport choice preferences but these services cannot match the level of comfort and easiness that the airport transfers have on offer to the travellers.   Are you thinking already what the major attractions of such airport transfers are and why it is the best option available to the people of London?   Book your Reliable Airport Transfer for:   Then here’s more info to let you have the knowledge of this facility inside out and thereby help you to decide on it for your next trip. Read on   ▪ […]

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Planning a vacation is one of the joys in the life of a person and planning a trip with the family is a lot of fun. Usually, families tend to plan one or two vacations in a year either domestically or to different areas of the world. Family vacations generally run on a budget and families usually keep some money aside every year for a family vacation. Family vacations are a great way to see the world and also spend time together. Family vacations are usually well planned and as families become used to traveling they learn new tips from every trip they travel. The following are some of the tips for planning the perfect family trip.   Tips for Planning a Family Vacation   1) The first step of planning a family vacation is to analyze the budget. The budget determines where to go, which transportation to take and which hotels to stay at and how much money to spend on the vacation. If it is a domestic vacation, families have to make the choice of whether to go for air travel or a coach hire.   2) A major aspect of planning a vacation is to decide exactly […]

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Are you wondering about how to make the most of the two or three days you’ve got to explore London? If you are looking for the most cost-effective and convenient way of doing so, go for a coach rental eyes closed. The benefits that a coach hire offers far outweigh any minor cons that it might have. For starters, there is the huge choice on offer. You can pay a premium and go for a luxury coach hire or save money by opting for a minibus hire. Convenience and an ample storage space are other prominent advantages of coach hiring. Sightseeing, especially in a city like London, can be a harrowing experience when you have luggage to carry around. And although the city has an excellent public transportation system, making sense of it all can take time and effort. Why get into that hassle when you can simply opt for a coach hire! The infographic below talks about some common benefits of opting for a coach rental service. If you’d like to know more about coach hire in Essex, London and other nearby areas, get in touch with us today. Southeast Coaches is one of the leading providers of coach hire in […]

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All of us travel either to our workplaces or to a holiday or for that matter just for a fun day out with our friends and family; the travelling options play an important role in bettering our travel experiences by a notch higher. It does not matter how far or near we are going to travel, we need comfort the most and then comes the other factors that make our journey a memorable one.   In the past few years, travelling by the coach services have indeed become a popular travelling choice for the citizens across the UK; they prefer coach transports the most amongst all other options for travelling. Other than the regular train journey or driving by your personal vehicles, coach services do come up with a lot more excitement and people also has the option of coach hire to make it all more comfortable. Though there are quite a lot of reasons why people prefer to travel via coach services, we are going to discuss some of them here in this article.   Advantages of travelling by coach services   Advantages of travelling by coach services as compared to the other modes of transport around the UK […]

A bus or coach ride is a great way to explore some of London’s most famous landmarks. Here are 10 attractions you can visit in London using our coach services.     London is a tourist’s delight. From history to nature, culture, and entertainment, the city offers something for everybody. Tourists also have an easier time in London because of its efficient public transport system. But if there’s one mode of transport that makes sightseeing in London the most effortless, it’s a coach rental.   A coach hire is a great way to cover several of the top attractions in London. No tour of London can be complete without taking in the gorgeous views offered by the London Eye. Extending more than 130m into the sky, the London Eye features 32 glass-walled capsules that offer stunning vistas of the bustling city below. The London Eye keeps spinning throughout the day at a pace that is slow enough for you to easily enter and leave a glass capsule. And just across the London Eye is one of the UK’s most loved buildings. Yes, we are talking about the Big Ben. While not actually referring to the building itself (Big Ben is […]

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London is a busy city. It has an efficient public rapid transit system in the form of the Underground, also known as the Tube, which is further supported by ancillary services like the bus system, above-ground rails and trams, and the ubiquitous black cabs. All that ought to make exploring London an easy proposition. However, in spite of the numerous public transit options, the popularity of London coach tours grows unabated. A coach tour refers to a bus service that takes visitors on a sightseeing tour of a city or region, which in this case is London. Here we look at six benefits of choosing a coach-based London full-day sightseeing tour.   1) There’s always someone to guide you As previously mentioned, London is a busy city. The prospect of getting lost or not knowing the most efficient routes to must-see spots can be a source of despair, more so if you are on a short holiday. There is also the fact that you have to arrange your own accommodation (in case of overnight trips), food and documentation (if any). You can kiss goodbye to all those hassles by opting for a coach tour of London, or any other place […]