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Coach Services Chelmsford, Essex & London (UK)

There are a number of different benefits of travelling via coach services in comparison with some of the other types of transport available to people in and around Essex and London.

Although coach travel in the UK makes up a fraction of the overall travel that people undertake year on year, we believe this will start to increase the more aware people become of the benefits of using coach services in comparison to those such as rail or bus services.

Coaches generally travel much further with less of a requirement to stop as frequently as a bus service would which therefore enables clients to reach their destinations much quicker. Other benefits of hiring a coach from South East Coaches in comparison to bus travel are that you always ensure you have a seat available, air conditioning and a WC to make sure you are always as comfortable as possible.

As coaches are usually privately owned it means that prior to each journey the coaches are checked and double-checked to ensure they are always at the highest possible standard before clients climb on board.

More about our coach services
At South East Coaches we offer a wide range of coach services to ensure we cater for the needs of each and every client who gets in contact with us for a quote or to simply gain more information about what it is that we do. Our main services include:

If you would like more information about the coach services we offer please take a look around the website or alternatively get in touch by visiting our contact page, calling us on 01245 325293 or email us on